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We offer a unique way of consulting born from actual experience, eliminating the concern of executing strategy from executives world wide.

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Holistic, practical, and proven, the XSP ensures that your key business processes, operations, and technologies support your strategy.

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The Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA, the leading provider of strategy execution and balanced scorecard training and consultancy services has been in operation since 2003.

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Delivering break through results

Our unique execution success process (XSP) is the only integrated strategy management system proven to deliver breakthrough results.

  • Pratical Methodology

    Measuring and managing strategic and operational risk with practical methodology.

  • Professional Coaching

    Experienced professionals able to coach leaders to avoid, control and manage strategic risk.

  • Powerful Models

    Powerful models to explicitly link governance and risk management to strategy execution.

  • Tailored Approach

    Our approach can be tailored and scaled according to sector and industry requirement.

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A good strategy is only half the battle and the best strategy poorly implemented will certainly fail. The rapidly changing environment we live in requires leaders to develop the ability to dynamically adjust to external and internal change and to continuously deploy and redeploy resources to shifting drivers of strategic and operational performance.

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  • Strategy Development

    Strategy is an integrated set of choices that drive organizations to achieve their vision for the future. At its core, strategy design is the act of formulating the answers to four strategic choices:

  • Performance Management

    To achieve and sustain success, your organization must manage performance. That means linking your strategy to your operations, aligning planning and execution processes, and synchronizing business unit and enterprise objectives.

  • Strategy Execution

    Managing strategy is managing change. And most organizations that do so successfully adopt a disciplined process. It is a process that can be learned and mastered.

  • Leadership and Change

    Leadership is the key ingredient to strategy execution. It is the job of leadership at all levels to set the strategy, to create a sense of urgency, and to make a compelling case for change that commits the entire organization to work together to achieve and sustain the desired outcomes.

Our Solution

Senior executives consistently name strategy execution as their most pressing management challenge. Our analysis of high performing organizations show that successful execution results from having a specific management framework for clarifying your strategy and linking it to your people, processes, and technology.

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  • Proven Process

    Our powerful Execution Success Process—the XSP—was developed by the Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA, the EMEA region’s leading experts on linking strategy to operations for sustainable performance.

  • Sustainable Results

    Hundreds of organizations—have partnered with Balanced Scorecard Institute to achieve breakthrough, sustainable performance.

  • Custom Approach

    With Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA Execution Success Process (XSP), you can begin anywhere in the process and plot a course tailored to your needs. We provide a range of options to make your strategy execution sustainable.

  • Technology

    Our approach can be tailored and scaled according to sector and industry requirement.


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